colour photography

Colour Photography

Nowadays colour work comprises perhaps 25% of my work and it has never been more than 50%. I've always been more attracted to black and white. But I'm not (yet) an absolutist; sometimes the colours are much to intense to ignore, or they add a subtle dimension to the image that might be diminished by black and white. Hopefully this sample of images wisely reflects that approach.

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Low front view of a sports car against a giant plasma screen showing a moving pattern of red blood
Three colourful sheds alongside and overlapping against a blue sky
Windows and balconies of an apartment block in Ribeira, the old town district of Porto
A dilapidated motor scooter parked in front of a badly weathered door
Elegant looking woman with red hair sits against a marble wall with a laptop. The screen reflects onto the wall beside her.
A decaying building with three windows, one with smashed glass, and a motion blurred pigeon flying past
A lone man in red walks among a sea of green seating
Silhouette of bare trees and wooden fence against an intense orange sunset
The side of weathered wooden barn, with subtle colours from the fading paint and mould
A man in tradition Moroccan clothing walks past a lamp post and it's shadow, carrying a bag of fish
Dreamlike, faded image of a girls dress against a decaying wall
A decaying pink wall embossed in white with the word 'OLDE'
Portrait of Omani man in traditional clothing taken from an elevated angle against a dark background
View from beneath of two vertically aligned windows with shutters open and blankets hanging, airing
Autumnal scene of lone oak tree with yellowing leaves alongside a stone wall
Identical blue fishing dinghies packed tightly together sit in the harbour at Eassouira, Morocco
A BMW Roadster viewed from above front, parked on top of the artwork created by painting the wheels and driving on a canvas
Parisian street art by Bustart depicting Serge Gainsbourg taking a photograph, surrounded by other street art
Candid image of an elderly man in a bowler hat photographed from behind
A forlorn looking man walking in front of a giant wall full of blue and white tiles depicting a religious scene
A line of colourful plastic water cars with slides sit on a sandy beach against a deep blue sky
Stained glass window in an ancient church lit from outside, with blue and red shafts of light extending inside onto the stone walls
Decaying, ragged dark coats hang on a decaying white wall filled with scratched graffiti
Ceramic head with muscles and acupuncture points painted on looking straight ahead against a black background

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