black & white photography

Black & White Photography

The allure of the minimalist perspective yet tonal richness of black and white imagery was instinctual to me when I first picked up a camera with any serious intent. Unlike some of the images, it hasn't faded; the older I get the more of my output is black and white. Here is a small sample of my work in this genre.

Close crop portrait of an elderly Omani man staring forward intently
An elderly man with plates of bird food sitting in a tiny wooden hut watching motion blurred pigeons flying by
A girl hold a magnifying glass up to one eye. The window into the soul, magnified.
Iya Traorรฉ, football freestyler, demonstrates his skills while hanging from a lamp post in Paris
Dark interior of an ancient church with blurred light streaks entering through the windows
Decaying fishing boat under a mackerel sky on the shingle beach at Dungeness in England
Motion-blurred man walking past a poster for the film La Haine with the word L'Amour above
Man sitting on stool wearing a hat looking down at his phone
Two young children posing, one riding a wheeled toy and looking happy, the other standing behind on a scooter wearing a grotesque horror mask
Tin roofed church in Taree, South Australia with three doves arranged in a straight line facing away from a cross
Head and shoulder shot of a man with Arabic style headwear viewed from behind against a black background
High contrast black and white image of a lone tree on a snow covered hillside
An elderly man with arms behind his back walks slowly down a narrow street in a Spanish village
Portrait of a glamorous looking doll's face surrounded by blackness
The beginning of building a Catalonian human tower with clenched fists and outreaching hands
A single statue looks out on an empty sea. From sculpture Antony Gormley's 100-strong installation, 'Another Place' at Crosby Beach in England.
Bleak Welsh moorland landscape with menacing sky and lone tree
Man looking out of the window of a coffee shop with anxious look on his face
A puppet hiding its face with its hands with just one eye visible, against a black background
Old man in traditional clothing walks by in a candid street scene from the medina in the coastal town of Essaouira, Morocco
Cross and open Bible dimly lit by available light in an ancient church
Close-up of a horse's eye with strands of hair
Partly lit Noddy face with eyes looking sideways surrounded by blackness
Inverted reflection of fisherman and two boats filled with water at a loch in the North West Highlands of Scotland

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