Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies only to the website

This website is a personal, hobby website and I do not sell any goods or services from this website. Nor do I solicit memberships, donations or any other funds. There is no advertising and no affiliate marketing is undertaken.


Data Collection

Data is collected on this website for two purposes only:

  • To ensure the website is functioning properly, specifically, to monitor whether the apex domain, subdomains and all public facing web pages are continually available in all geographical locations, from all eligible referring websites and search engines, and on all types of devices.
  • To satisfy my curiosity as to how many people visit the website and which pages they are interested in.

Only anonymous, non-personal data that cannot be used to identify any natural person is collected. No tracking or browser fingerprinting technology is used and the use by visitors of ad-blockers and other security measures often prevents or results in incomplete data collection. Only these data are able to be collected:

  • the time and date of visit,
  • the referring website or search engine,
  • the country the site was accessed from,
  • the operating system,
  • the language used by that operating system.
  • the type of device used, i.e., whether phone, tablet or computer,
  • the page(s) visited.

No cookies are set directly by this website nor are any cookies set by any third party. This can be confirmed by inputting the website address into a cookie scanning tool. Intrusive data collection methods such as Google Analytics or Meta/Facebook pixels are not used and fonts are stored locally. ISPs or IP addresses are not identified, and individual visitors are not tracked either across separate visits to this website or across other websites. Furthermore, I do not sell or otherwise share any non-personal data collected from this website with any third parties.

The only means of collecting personal data is when a user chooses to email me disclosing a name/pseudonym and email address. Any such contact is deemed to be entirely of a personal nature. If you choose to disclose any personal data or information via email I will not share these data with third parties without your explicit agreement and consent with the exception of obligation toward law enforcement authorities.



There may be links on this website to other websites. Should you visit these websites please be aware that different data collection arrangements may be in place.


Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]